Welcome to our studio!

The Dreamday planning studio serves as our design and meeting space, and team headquarters.  This is where we meet with our amazing clients, collaborate with our most trusted wedding and event professionals, and do all of our creative design work for the weddings and events we produce each season.


In a comfy intimate setting, our clients are pampered with one-on-one attention.  It is here that we dream, brainstorm, and plan with you.  Away from the crowds of other wedding couples, you can browse our wedding and event library for inspiration, conference with wedding vendors, select wedding invitations, preview linen samples, shop for favors, gifts, and specialty decor items, enjoy tastings with your selected caterer and baker, and see mock-ups of your flowers and table-top designs before they are brought to life on your wedding day.


We welcome you to visit us in our studio and explore the possibilities of your dream wedding.  Once you do, we know you’ll be inspired and excited about the wedding planning journey ahead.  And you’ll leave knowing that you, and one of the most important days of your life,  will be treated with the utmost care, love, and attention.